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The 'Do It Yourself' Weather Forecasting Kit
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Bureau of Meteorology Snowy Mountains Area Forecast
National Synoptic Chart
Latest Visible Satellite Image
Latest Infra Red Satellite Image
4 Day Forecast
BOM Thredbo
Adelaide Forecast
Satellite Loop
MountainWatch Snow & Ski Weather
WeatherZone Snow & Ski Weather
The Frog's Forecast Cola wxmaps
Richard's Graphs Weather Graphs of Aus resorts
Richard's Report Thredbo Report
Richard's Personal Weather Page

CIA Windchill Calculator for Java enabled browsers.

Enter either metric or imperial wind speed and air temperature.
Valid wind speeds are 4mph / 6.4kmph or higher,
and temperatures of 91F / 32.7C or lower.

Wind Speed Kmph: Mph:
Air Temp Celsius: Fahrenheit:
Wind Chill Celsius: Fahrenheit:


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Last Updated: 23-Jan-2024

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