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Skiers Paradise

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Untracked Snow

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Mt. Kosciusko

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Backcountry snowboarder

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Lake Jindabyne

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Backcountry Skier


The Alpine Light gallery has a range of items for sale including the following:-

"Alpine Australia - Classic Mountain Landscapes" - a photographic book by Mike Edmondson.

A Photographic Journey by Mike Edmondson. Collected over many years of backcountry adventuring, searching out special moments when the light plays magic with the landscape in its ever changing moods.

Available as a hard cover 85 page collection of wilderness and historical scenic photographs printed on high quality paper. Scenes from the book are available as custom prints. Autographed copies available.

Some printed panoramas are available from the book. These are framed, limited edition, ink on paper prints. Print Size 20"x7", Frame Size 26"x13".

Photo Gallery

Depicting the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps in all seasons.

Limited edition prints

Unique scenes are available.
Classic images handcrafted onto supergloss and cibachrome archival paper.
Some photographic reproductions are also available.



Print Size*


Framed Size*


14" - 360mm   x  120mm


480mm x 240mm


20" - 510mm   x  170mm

$140 [$85 Press Print]

720mm x 390mm


30" - 760mm   x  270mm


1020mm x 500mm


40" - 1020mm x  350mm


1280mm x 600mm


50" - 1270mm x  438mm


1540mm x 790mm


60" - 1520mm x  524mm




70" - 1780mm x  612mm




80" - 2030mm x  700mm




PRICING for 35mm FORMAT (Including GST)



Framed Size*


10"     - 255mm  x  170mm


400mm x 345mm


14.5"  - 370mm  x  240mm

$140 [$85 Press Print]

600mm x 450mm


20"    - 510mm  x  330mm


740mm x 570mm


30"   - 760mm  x  492mm 


950mm x 722mm


* The dimensions stated are the outer approximate measurements
** Prices are in Australian Dollars.


Film Library

Covering alpine landscape and adventure images, also images from the Barrier Reef, Atherton Tablelands, Kakadu and the South Coast.

Prices do not include postage and framed prices are for prints framed at the gallery.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.


Gallery Opening Hours

Summer : 9am-4pm Monday to Sunday.
Winter : 7am-7pm, Monday to Thursday, 12 midnight Friday,
The gallery is situated in the Mountain Adventure Centre, corner Alpine Way & Kosciuszko Road on the shores of Lake Jindabyne.
Ph: (02) 6456-2922

Mike Edmondson
Ph: +61 2 64567055
Fax: +61 2 64567243
Postal: PO Box 968 Jindabyne NSW 2627 AUSTRALIA

Email: questions@mikeedmondson.com.au

Web Link: http://www.mikeedmondson.com.au

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